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Self-Serving Platform

Is E-mail advertising your highest ROI marketing channel? Would you like to invest more in e-mail advertising and get more results? Is it too much hassle or don't know how to do it?

Our Do-It-Yourself platform is designed to serve anyone without emailing background. You can create a campaign and select your targeted audiences.

Increased Reach

Take advantage with personas collected from over 20 million audience and boost your site reach.

  • Personalizing your creatives Real-time optimization for inbox placement.
  • Higher relevancy leads to higher CTR

Performance Delivery Engine

Our user segmentation algorithms identifies subscribes more interested in your campaign and targets them automatically

An Understanding of Customer Needs/Interests: When you're trying to buy the perfect gift for your mother, spouse, or friend, you can easily visualize them in your head as you shop. You can imagine their needs and wants, the things they'd love, the things they'd be interested in, and all the things they hate. Customer interests work in the same way. They allow you to better understand the needs and wants of your audience base.

Email Builder

Easy and intuitive email creator to build beautiful optimized emails without using a drop of code

  • Smart image editing: scale , resize , crop and more
  • Basic blocks library: quickly add buttons,text blocks etc.
  • Snippets archive: save and reuse content snippets across many newsletters

Live powerful reporting system

  • Explore your campaign's performance by socio-demographics, interests and behavior
  • Analyze and test which subjects and creativities work better for your campaign
  • Get insights about ISPs, technologies, geographies

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