Increase your Revenues

Do you have an opt-in, high-quality, permission marketing audience base? If the answer is yes, you can become part of our network and increase your revenues! Truepush integrates your database and makes your inventory part of our offer.

Send less and earn more

Each of your user will receive the best matching campaign, that's why they are more valuable for a particular advertiser in the process! As a result, send less e-mails, more interesting for the audience and increase your revenues!

Get the highest value

This means that individually, user by user, you will get the highest value, resulting in an increased total revenue from your audience base.

Free your Team!

Truepush will eliminate the manual processes of finding advertisers, negotiating, creating campaigns, setting up creatives ​​ , filtering, segmenting, scheduling, testing, reporting and invoicing. Our platform will free your team from managing ESP or ISP relations and all technical aspects related with deliverability.


You Decide!
Drop us a line ( publisher[at]truepush​[dot]com ) to start the conversation.